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  • We supply all QSL cards free - printed by a first class printer.
  • You tell us what you would like on your QSL in the upper left corner.
  • We try to stay with two colors: red, blue or green callsign with black printing.
  • All your incoming cards are sent to you via the bureau or direct if there is no bureau in your country.
  • It is ap to you how often you want to send a copy of your logs.
  • We provide this service so there is a fast turnaround of QSLs and people don`t have to wait so long.
  • This service is paind for by Dxers who appreciate getting their QSL cards quicker for DXCC.
  • Is glad to help for you with reception answer-back QSL from Russia and CIS.

  • Let me know if we can be of service to you.
  • For DX! At you of a problem with IRC, SASE? I can offer SASE of Russia and complete sets of the pure marks. Agrees of the post tariffs for SASE in any countries of the world. Conditions of realization and exchange at search on Email. SASE - effective and reliable kind of reception QSL from DX. Address to Email:
  • RW6HS DX QSL Service Getting QSL cards from Russia and CIS (former Soviet countries) can be very difficult, frustratingly slow and quite expensive, because of unreliable postal systems and slow or non-existing QSL bureaus. I am Vasilij, RW6HS, and I very much enjoy helping fellow radio amateurs. I am the QSL manager for xxx stations, for which I have logs and QSL cards. In addition, I have been quite successful in obtaining cards from other Russian and CIS stations for hams around the world. I do not do this profit, merely to help other hams. This is my part of the hobby! Here�s how my service works�.
  • 1. QSL for stations I manage: Send your QSLs, up to 100 cards, via registered airmail (regular airmail is likely to be opened and the contents stolen), plus 1 IRC for return, registered, airmail postage. (Over 100 cards, 5 IRC). Make sure envelopes are well sealed. Use tape if necessary. Include your e-mail address, and we will advise you when your card has been received and the reply has been sent.
  • 2. QSL for stations I do not manage. As above, but include 1 IRC extra for each card requested. This pays for the postage from me to the station and back to me. Note that I have had good success in getting QSL from non-managed stations in Russia and the CIS, but, of course, I can not guarantee 100% return.
  • 3. Annual deposit service. For those of you who have a lot of QSL requests for Russia and the CIS, I have an annual deposit service. Send us 50 IRC via registered airmail and I will process for one year, an unlimited number of your requests for both stations managed and not managed. After I acknowledge your deposit by e-mail, you can simply send your QSL cards via regular airmail without any enclosure. You should either cut a corner off the envelope or leave the envelope unsealed and the flap tucked in, to allow for postal inspection. I�m glad to offer references from satisfied hams who have used my service: xxxx, KT1J, xxxx , xxxx, xxxxx 73!
  • I remind! Yours QSL sent through a bureau OOO �SRR� or Tambov bureau (TAG), neither I, nor station with which I help will not receive. The chiefs named QSL a bureau refuse to cooperate. Never fill in yours QSL by red paste, this disrespect of the addressee. Write, I shall be glad to receive from you the letter, necessarily put an envelope with the signed address for the answer and observe conditions of reception QSL. DON'T SEND QSL via P.O. Box 88, Moscow - THEY ALL GO TRASH IN MOSCOW !!!

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